Artists make meaning. Art is not just about pretty pictures and rendering abilities.  It is visual poetry…it makes communities and its members better, more tolerant, more alive, more intelligent. Art is life. Susan Carkeek-Harris, former owner of Fly on the Wall Art School
The arts have the ability to connect us to each other like nothing else. Supporting our local artists enriches our lives and connects our communities. Locations like the Ocean Blue Vault help make that possible. Susan Friedman, photographer and filmmaker
Visitors and Coastsiders alike value our beautiful setting and abundant, creative artistic community. David’s Vault provides artists a showcase for our connections to this environment and opportunities for visitors to enhance their own homes.  Patt Sheldon, Colony of Coastside Artists
I see the Arts as a central feature to the human experience, and culture as the connective tissue of a cohesive community. Erin Tormey
Principal Instigator, Make It Main Street
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Meet the Artists

Art That Makes a Difference

Each season, Ocean Blue Vault selects a deserving local non-profit to support through the sale of donated artwork.

This season we’re proud to support Partners in Animal Care & Compassion.

PACC’s mission is to partner to legislate a CA spay neuter fund, bring playgroups to CA shelters, and rescue and rehome shelter dogs at risk of euthanasia. They identify shelter dogs at risk of euthanasia, match them with suitable foster homes, ready them for adoption and then find loving forever families to provide the life every companion animal deserves. They likewise help with rehoming dogs at risk of landing in a shelter as a result of individual or family crisis, trauma, or poverty.

What is the Ocean Blue Vault?

Ocean Blue Real Estate founder David Oliphant introduces the Ocean Blue (Art) Vault, a local artists’ collective. David’s vision in creating this special space is to showcase local artists who celebrate the natural beauty found in Half Moon Bay.

Living Locally

In this Living Locally segment, meet photographer, Steve Maller; sculptor, Marie LaCour Studio; eclectic creative, Jennifer Roberts Almodova; and local artist, Sonya Kleshik who champions this unique collective “as bringing the community together because art acts as an instrument of connection.

Our Mission

The Ocean Blue Vault supports our local creative community & endeavors to offer the premier location for artists to show and sell their art on the coast. The Vault is committed to diversity, not only with the wide range of art offered each quarter, but diversity in its selection of people – all artists will find a supportive, safe environment and will feel welcome. The Vault strives to pay the artists the highest split on the coast with 100% of the proceeds from the “non profit” wall going directly to that quarter’s local charity. We are about community first.