Patricia Appel

I’ve been in the creative arts all my life. First it was in the performing arts, then graphic design and teaching and now, many years later, painting. Although I was a “Sunday Painter” in watercolor media for many years, I’ve now transitioned into acrylics! (Life is about never-ending change, after all!) So I now find myself completely immersed in acrylic media —both pigments and textures — and absolutely enjoying the adventure. I love to go into my studio and just follow my muse on any particular day —wherever that takes me. I don’t always know where I’ll end up, but it’s all about the journey, right?

When Covid hit, I just couldn’t get the image of the Heart out of my mind’s eye. I felt we all just needed a little more Heart during that difficult time to lift us up and give us courage and hope. My ongoing heart series was a result of that challenging time. I also envisioned that dogs were probably struggling during that time too. They undoubtedly wanted to go out and play just as badly as we did during quarantine, so those wonderful pups were the inspiration for my Covid Canine series. (I’m currently working on a Post Covid Canine series and I’m happy to report that the pups are looking much happier now.)

Along with my smaller pieces of fruits, veggies and flowers, I’m always working on larger pieces filled with various textures and vivid color in which I try to capture the joy and gratitude I feel in each and every moment of life. Thank you for letting me share my artwork with you!