Rainer Neumann

Since moving to Half Moon Bay I have devoted my time to pastel drawings and poetry. I have had an exhibition of coastal pastels with haikus at the Cafe Society in 2017 and the Ebbtide Cafe in 2018 of Half Moon Bay surroundings. Currently I have an on-going exhibits at the HMB Coffee Company as well as at the Cafe Society showing pastels of “Kenyan Skies”. I also published a book of pastels and haikus “From Pigeon Point to Point Reyes” – pastels drawn over a 20 year period while exploring the coastal environment.  Two poetry books have been published and are available on-line as well as three books of fiction and two books of translation – a poetry book of my father’s work and my mother’s journal written during the second world war.

During the previous years before retirement, I had a chance to delve into many creative areas – writing novels, watercolor painting, pastel drawing, songwriting, designing furniture and toys and studying architectural trends.

When I was living in Detroit I taught introductory Humanities courses at Wayne County Community College. During this time I also worked on wood cuts, silk screen prints, poetry and songs and was able to bring these into the curriculum when appropriate.

Formal Education:

University of Utah – Bachelor of Science degree in Business 1969.

Wayne State University – Masters of Arts degree 1974.

The published works can be viewed on my storefront at: lulu.com/spotlight/rneumann.

I can be reached at: onhighwayone@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest in my work.