Nancy Quickert

I entered the ceramic field as a kid playing outside in the freshly excavated clay hills of the San Francisco peninsula.  My work is driven by the love of moving clay, emulating the colors, patterns, shapes and textures of the sky, ocean and coastal hills.  

Teaching children and adults the joy of creating with this earthly medium has been a real delight.  Making custom work specific to clients’ desires is another.  At all times that I plan, form, decorate and fire their pieces, those people are roaming around in my mind.  I imagine them using my work and hope they will enjoy the connection, too. 

I fire porcelain, white, red and black stoneware clays to over 2360 degrees F in a mild reduction atmosphere in a 24cf updraft kiln.  It takes about 12 hours to fire and 24 hrs. to cool, which is very little time when compared to the life line of clay.

The flute-looking pieces on the walls which contain succulent plants, are planters.  They can be used outdoors or indoors with careful watering.

The flutes which are empty or have a blossom or twig inside are wall vases.  They have a little reservoir to hold water should you wish a bright blossom to light up a quiet corner or wall in your home.

The fish plaques above the flutes are actual skeletons of fish that we ate.  The pink color was drawn from the copper in the green glaze.  The bones are fragile, although they’ve been embedded in the glaze and are somewhat secured with epoxy after firing.

We are grounded by Nature’s strength and beauty by using everyday items made of the earth itself.