Karol Jersak

My art studies include painting, sculpture, and printmaking at the Emily Carr University of Design in Vancouver, Canada.
I was sponsored into the United States as an interior design artist and muralist in 2000, in Burlingame California, by Tribecca Home and Design. I love to work on mixed media abstract paintings combining papers, paints, pigments, and enhancers, that give rich color and density. I want my paintings to feel like the jewelry piece on the walls they are placed on.
My influences are my travels, fashion, and interior design. Currently, I live and work in Northern California and Southern California Orange county. I work for several interior designers including Bliss Home and Design in Newport Ca. The focus of my mixed media paintings in Southern Ca. is abstract coastal using shade variations of blues, whites, and grays. If I’m painting artwork for the Los Angeles area, interior designers currently like the deeper blue colors and whites.  I’m also painting for clients in Palm Desert, California. The paint colors are very strong and colorful in the desert interior design. An extreme contrast of palettes from coastal areas.
My work is mostly commissioned artwork in various sizes and palettes made to suit the specs I’m given for each painting.