Sharon Ward

The experience of painting is fascinating and often challenging. I am amazed and in awe of color and light, and I work to convey the beauty that I see. I have spent time observing the works of other artists in hopes of absorbing some of their expertise, their solutions to the aspects of painting, and to gain inspiration from their work. 

There is an interesting phrase from the artist George Wm Allen, who said: “ I am an artistic bandit if you will, stealing and interpreting the strengths of the many great painters who have, and who continue to influence me ”. Perhaps we are all artist bandits of one form or another. 

I have drawn inspiration from some past and present artists such as Frans Mortelmans, Edward Seago, Richard Schmid, Laura Robb, Kelli Folsom, and Elizabeth Robbins. 

Instagram: @sharonwardstudio 


American Impressionist Society 

Coastal Arts League