Maury Walcott


When the Roman Empire under emperor Claudius expanded into Britain, they introduced advanced technologies.  Locals were recruited as slaves, laborers, soldiers and miners, but more talented prospects were trained as skilled craftsmen including tile setters, smiths, masons, plumbers and such to support the new Roman industries and lifestyle.


When Romans abandoned Britain, these craftsmen were viewed as collaborators.  In the  western city of Bath, they were expelled from the city by the locals then in control and took up residence and built cottages outside the city walls.  The “Walcot” district of Bath exists to this day.  From there my direct ancestors, in name as well as a propensity for skilled crafts and the arts, has descended.


 I claim also to retain the genetic disposition of my paleolithic ancestors of the ‘tool maker’ clans from the dawn of human time, though this may be a bit harder to prove.


Leveraging some acumen for academic pursuits, a Vietnam war era college draft deferment was secured until a high draft number enabled me to drop out completely and avoid military involvement in that “police action”.  Otherwise the war in Vietnam was not avoided.  Drawn into the cultural turmoil of the times, the counter culture movements, internal conflict and general disruption,  lives were changed and misdirected.   I consider myself a Vietnam war veteran who fought on the home front.

By this i mean no disrespect to those who suffered, were wounded, maimed or died in military service.


A first career as journeyman carpenter building housing morphed into handyman/independent contractor.  After working through college night classes and attaining a degree, a second career began in 1978 until retirement in 2012 doing computer stuff; operations, facilities, networking and infrastructure for Ross Perot to begin and ending with Elon Musk.  This period included a series of  my own “House Sculptures” enhancing my estate and to the significant benefit of two ex-wives.


Wood carving became an obsession in the mid-90’s as stress relief.  Carving remains the focus of my artistic output and is enhanced by oil painting, drawing, photography, stone sculpture and joinery.


Early focus on NW Indian totem carving was based on an interest in anthropology.  Carving has diversified.  Traditional totem motifs are often included, but need to exist within my own creations.  

A wide variety of carvings include wildlife emphasis especially on birds and fish.  Fanciful creations get weird, portraits, paleontology is included, boat models, knives, walking sticks, depictions of buildings and any other subjects of interest; “all over the map” as they say.

Scrimshaw, carving of images on ivory, is another passion.  This material is legitimately restricted by concerns for endangered species and I no longer offer it for sale.  Ivory carvings from old ivory such as salvaged piano keys or from legally collected ivory varieties from Alaska natives have been used.

Since locating to the San Mateo County coast in 1997, I have grown to appreciate the local artistic community on the Half Moon Bay Coastside.  See my web site WWW.COASTSIDECARVING.COM

Maury Walcott