Martha Tingle

The natural world has always been my safe place, a space for interpreting the complexities of life and a source of inspiration for finding creative solutions to its challenges. For me pottery is a deeply satisfying and natural extension of that entire process; the earth itself providing inspiration while being employed for utility and art.

I took pottery classes in college and fell in love with everything about the art form but pursued a professional career unrelated to the arts. Through the ensuing years I maintained a passion for ceramics, expanding my knowledge and skill in a very self-directed way rather than through formal training. The advantage has been that I have been able to explore applications of the medium that inspire me without artificial limits being set.

I have been active in the Half Moon Bay art community for the last few years and have shown and sold locally and in British Columbia. My work is wheel thrown and altered or slab built. I love the symmetry of wheel thrown objects, but find the organic forms achieved by altering and/or slab building to be more interesting. My surfaces are glazed using earth tones or unglazed and burnished. I also use slip trailing and colored underglaze as well as mono printing for decoration in my porcelain and white earthenware pieces.


It [ceramic art] is both difficult and easy, with an element beyond our control. It is both extremely fragile and durable. Like ‘Sumi’ ink painting, it does not lend itself to erasures and indecision.

Isamu Noguchi