Gindin Meuse

Since 2013 I have been diving deep into the ceramic practice, with immense gratitude to the incredible mentors along the way. no matter where i go, the joy of pottery making follows me and continues to offer me life lessons. i am embracing the opportunity for others to enjoy my pieces.


Having a chef partner reminds me of the importance of striking a balance with beauty and functionality. i strive to make beautiful and functional pots while continuing to explore new designs and techniques. since childhood, exploration in art has always been embraced, which consistently influences my work. the practice of pottery is full of life lessons. embracing the moment, learning from mistakes, meeting yourself where you’re at, and letting go. it’s a beautiful practice which can also yield beautiful and many times unexpected results. experimentation and exploration are fundamental as i continue to explore expression in clay. nature plays an important role in the color and design of my pieces with inspiration from the oceans, deserts, mountains, and forests.


These wheel thrown and hand built pots are hand crafted, air dried, bisque fired, glazed, and glaze fired. this is a patient, careful, and rewarding process i hope you will also enjoy.