Electra Field

I am very excited to be showing my fourth show here at the Ocean Blue Vault this spring. I call this series Wonderspace. A place where there is beauty in our differences and where we are more when together than when we are apart. It was a tumultuous time during the initial days of sheltering in place from the coronavirus. The pandemic was raging as the death toll was increasing. We didn’t know how long we would be in our homes and were limited in how far we could travel. The 2020 presidential election was being hotly challenged, culminating in the riots at the Capitol building in D.C. For my own piece of mind, I turned to my camera and came up with the idea of taking polar opposites, oil and water, and creating a space where opposites attract and become something more than just themselves. You can see more in this series at electrafieldphotography.com.
I have been doing photography on and off since I was a preteen. First with an Instamatic camera and now delivering into the world of digital photography. I have a degree in photojournalism from Boston University and have taken courses at College of San Mateo as well as workshops throughout the Bay Area. Over the years, I have worked as a reporter and photographer for a bi-weekly newspaper and photographed weddings and family portraits.
I have been published in the El Defensor Chieftain, the Socorro Chamber of Commerce, and the Half Moon Bay Review. I have won awards at the Pacifica Fog Fest and the Peninsula Photo Contest. My work has been shown at New Mexico Tech, the Sanchez Art Gallery, and Palo Alto Art Center.