Beth Oehlert

I love to paint wherever I am, whether it be a workshop in Provence, a landscape in Ireland, painting trips to Pennsylvania and upstate New York, or the loveliest scenes on the San Mateo coast and Peninsula.

I started painting sporadically over 30 years ago whenever I had time.  Then I met 2 artists who were instrumental in taking me to the next level.  Brigitte Curt, a fabulous artist from France, taught weekly plein air classes on the Peninsula.  She and her artist husband Jim Smyth held a very intense and amazing workshop in Provence.  These experiences were invaluable.  My incredibly talented friend, Ginger Wright, spurred me on with her encouragement and tutelage.  Our painting trips to the east coast were nothing short of inspirational.  I will be forever in her debt.  I paint in oil and acrylic and my paintings hang in homes across the country and have been sold internationally.