Alexandra Theron

Artist Statement:
Focusing on renewable materials and recycling, my practice is centered around The Environment and Sea.
This body of work speaks about NAMI, Japanese for Wave or Breaker, the line drawing of that which bonds man with nature, water, wave and surfer.
Having spent near most of the last 30 years in some of the world’s most rugged Maritime and Alpine environments, my work promoted endangered species protection. As I was working remotely operationally with expedition vessels and helicopters (sub Antarctica), I witnessed first hand the effects of global warming.
My process involves educating those lesser privelledged about the impacts of our footprint by telling narratives that are local and global with an emphasis on nature, community and femininity.
Training & Education:
Masters in Fine Art, Otago, Masters in Design Initec, BFA Film, Canterbury University, Ocean Engineering FAU,( woods hole, MIT).
30 years operational, outdoors education, not for profits, and facilitating operations in World Heritage Parks; presently working with museums globally to improve public policies and procedures and bettering funding tiers to vocalize lesser privileged narratives to become heard through Art and information technology. Born in South Africa; 1/3 American; 1/3 New Zealander, citizen of the world and a women with a voice.