Aaron Alvarez Mendoza

My Passion for Professional Still Imagery & Fine Art:   

As a Freshman in high school Aaron was filling up two to three rolls of 35mm films per-week.  The Riekes Center (a non-profit organization in Menlo Park, geared to helping people achieve their goals) made it possible for Aaron to perfect his numbers & exposures which spurred his true passion for the fine arts.

While finishing High School in 2007, Aaron was already active in the business of photography and would soon become a professional in the field.  In 2012 Aaron taught his first Digital Darkroom Photography class to underprivileged High School students in the Bay Area.

After graduating from the Art Institute of California in 2015, Aaron witnessed first hand how most students attending underprivileged schools needed more resources and mentors who were passionate about the field of Fine Arts.  So, Aaron took on the task to build new innovative ways to best serve the community through the arts by extending digital photography classes to these students.  

In 2015 to 2020 Aaron became the Visual Arts Director at the Riekes Center.  In this role, Aaron was able to provide new photography equipment to students, and develop a curriculum for photography techniques and digital data organization.  

In addition to Aaron’s role as a Visual Arts/Communication Arts & Financial Aid  Director, Aaron worked as a professional Freelance Photographer in the Bay Area with a tremendous amount of work, which led to meeting key community stakeholders within the Silicon Valley. 

Aaron’s Photography has been the contributing photographer for the Atherton Living, Los Altos Hills and Mountain Home private magazines since June 2021 and current.  

Aaron has now successfully shown his first Art Gallery showing in 2022 at Mirada Art Gallery on Main Street, Half Moon Bay. 

During the months of September through December, Aaron will be showcasing a series of Ancient tree series (4,850 year old pine trees) at Ocean Blue the Vault Art Gallery on Main Street, Half Moon Bay.

Aaron believes that these ancient trees have genetic information that can help us understand our climates within the planet. These series of photographs will hold history, resistance, adaptation and growth. 


Aaron Alvarez Mendoza

Aaron’s Photography