Susan Carkeek-Harris

Susan Carkeek is a coastside artist that has had major shows at Oakland Museum, 333 Bush, Bart Headquarters, the Hallmark Building as well as galleries in San Francisco, LaJolla and locally. Susan believes strongly in the power of art to create insight, connection, tolerance and healing in our culture and communities. Her work of the last fifteen years has focused on the Noise that bombards us from all fronts; political, psychological, environmental, popular culture, social and economic noise. Conversely, she sees Quiet in nature and often juxtaposes the two. In her own words…“I started to define Noise as everything that gets between us and caring. I saw the Noise pulling us apart…it seemed connected to the increase in mental illness and the environmental crisis.” She asks, “How can stressed out people possibly make mindful decisions about the environment…or themselves?” To this end, much of her work is the actual process of mindful quieting by slow, careful observation that retains the spirit of discovery and wonder. A process that allows nature to speak its truth rather than asserting human assumptions. Another approach she uses is the building up of paper Noise layers and then carving and painting the surface to physically quiet the Noise. Susan teaches creative workshops and mentors adults in private classes at her home studio in El Granada.